Every student will have initial 30-60minute consultation. Consultation consists of studentevaluation, setting up goals, scheduling, and tuition costs.
We will also discuss Studio rules and Policies. A copy of Piano Magic School Policy mustbe read, signed and turned in before first lesson.
All lessons are held in the Studio
Parents are welcome during the lesson.
One and a half hour Music theory lessons will be held once or twice in the period of two months


Once a student has been accepted by Piano Magic School, it is my expectation that practicing is part of the agreement.
Practice time will be discussed and will depend on student’s level and progress. Students are responsible for recording practiced time in their Practice Log Book provided by the Studio.
Parents will monitor student practice on a weekly bases and sign student Practice Logbook provided by the studio. Students will practice six days a week! I strongly recommend to practice immediately after a lesson due to 50% of the knowledge summoned from a lesson will be lost or diminished.
All students must have a piano! Piano must be tuned, playable and well kept. Please get in the habit of hand washing before lesson, practice and performance Fingernails must be clipped short as it interferes with proper hand position on the keyboard


Piano is a performing art.
In respect to attain our main objective Piano Magic School offers semiannual recitals held every May and November. All students are encouraged to participate. Schedules for other recitals and music events in town will be available to all students. Students will have an opportunity and are encouraged to participate in as many recitals as possible


Minimum time for each piano lesson is 45 minutes; it may stretch to 60 minutes atteacher’s discretion

● Fee $90.00 per lesson

● Lessons taught once a week

● Tuition paid monthly and due first lesson of each month

● Tuition reserves your lesson time and is non- refundable

● Tuition includes: music and theory books, copied materials, supplies, use of studio library, semiannual Piano Magic School recitals and does not include testing fees, competition fees and post recital refreshments.

● a late fee of $10 charged for payments received after 10th of the month $35 charged for returned checks or accounts with insufficient funds


If you are sick, notify the studio 24 hours prior your lesson time. Lesson will be rescheduled. Lesson will not be rescheduled if 24 hour rule has not been honored-For vacations during the school year student must give two week notice-Students discontinuing lessons for any reason must give one month notice STUDIO LIBRARY Music books, CDs, DVDs, VHS are available as a supplement to music education and will be released to a student at teacher’s advice. Student or student’s parent will mark checkout and check in date for released items in the Studio Supply Log book. Please be considerate, enjoy it and use it with care. In case of non-returned, heavily damaged or lost items, the original cost will be added to next payment.

Download the Privacy Policy and Sign